Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rustica Canteen, CBD MELB

I love a good morning walk followed by a hot, aromatic cup of coffee and not to be missed, a buttery piece of croissant. Having been to both Lune and Agathe on a few occasions, I decided it's time to break free from the cycle and venture other bakeries.

First up on my list is Rustica Canteen. I was expecting it to resemble a takeaway shop and got a surprised when I realized it is actually a pretty decently sized establishment. Unlike other coffee shops around Melbourne, I found this place to be quite peaceful - less surrounding sounds, more effective conversations.

Peanut butter croissant ~ I could not give this a miss and it did live up to my nutty expectations. Whilst the croissant may not be as light and earth shattering as Lune's the amount of flavour packed into each piece was just right. Still flaky and buttery, this has to be one of my favourite peanut butter treats;)

Rose and raspberry croissant ~ the sweet scent of a rose and raspberry concoction was more than intoxicating. Not to mention that it is a very picturesque item that will instantly brighten up any dull moments.

Almond croissant ~ slightly flatter than other types of croissants but still equally yummy.

My verdict? Will be back with a good book!

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