Saturday, December 19, 2015

Black Flat Coffee Brewers, Glen Waverley MELB

Growing up, I knew I was never a morning person. Without fail, I was always the last one out of bed and probably the one that struggles the most to accomplish simple tasks such as brushing teeth and dressing prior to school/ college.

With what little time I had to prep myself in the morning, I skipped breakfast. Yep, I was guilty and not ashamed of it. Fast forward, this became a habit that I stick to throughout university and my work life. Not that it affects my performance but perhaps having a source of energy in the morning would have provided me with a much more positive outlook for the day.

One morning, I needed to drop off some keys to my house agent which led me to getting out of bed early as I had to do this before I head to work. Subsequently, I had a few extra minutes to kill and decided to grab a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop.

Coffee was indeed aromatic from the different blends of beans used and in my humble opinion, this little cup of caffeine made the rest of my day positive. I must have been buzzing from the caffeine kick but seriously, it was a good cup of coffee nonetheless.

The coffee was so good that I decided to drop by the following week! This time round, I tried the latte instead of cappuccino and got myself a danish as well. Talk about having treats in the morning - the perfect start to the day. Staff were friendly and service was efficient so no time wasted on waiting.

These guys open at 6am on weekdays and slightly later on weekends - a feat worth applauding for considering that the timing suits us peeps who need a quick fix prior to work.

My overall verdict? I would not get out of bed if it was not a good cuppa so you have my satisfaction approval here;)

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On a side note, here are some updates on what I have been up to lately! It's been a while since I have blogged on pictures from my phone.

Night noodle market ~ went there for Black Star Pastry's watermelon cake and Gelato Messina's kickass gelatos. Amazing treats worth the hype.

Having watched numerous Youtube videos on this notoriously spicy Korean instant noodles, I decided to try it out myself. It is spicy (8/10) but tolerable and tasty. Worth a try if you can handle the heat.

I jumped on the tea craze bandwagon. Made a few purchases during a promotion and I think that will last me for a few months. Now for cooler weather to come forth.

Like it or not, summer is here to stay so what better way to enjoy this season that keeping yourself covered with a hat and a good glass of wine.

Lastly, Christmas is just around the corner! Few more days until the public holidays roll in!!

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