Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gyoza Gyoza, Chadstone MELB

Over the past few years in Australia, I have become very acquainted with the term dumpling, an oriental treat that has diversified across a few countries. The Chinese call these tasty morsels dumplings, the Koreans named them mando whilst the Japanese decided on gyoza.

I suppose the main differences are the way the dumplings are folded as well as the filling enclosed in each piece. Dumplings are usually affordable and great for sharing with a large group of family or friends.

Gyoza Gyoza had newly opened its doors in Chadstone and is an alternative to consider if you have been to most of the shopping mall's restaurants/ cafes like me. The drinks menu is quite extensive and one can easily spend about 10 minutes trying to select a drink. The restaurant's concept is quite simple - think Spanish tapas but with Japanese flavours.

Iced matcha ~ softee ice cream was a little grainy but aside from that, it was refreshing.

Salmon sashimi ~ every plate of food costs $6.80, except if there's a special promotion happening. Sashimi was fresh albeit the irregular slicing.

Teriyaki chicken ~ juicy and succulent chicken fillet that pairs well with a dip in mayonnaise.

Seared scallops with mayonnaise ~ a little too much mayonnaise on the scallop but nevertheless, a perfectly cooked scallop is a good reason to oversee this.

Soft shell crab rolls ~ delishhhh. Thumbs up for a brilliant reinterpretation of the traditional soft shell crab rolls.

Gyoza ~ alas, the piece de resistance. Lots of different fillings to choose from be it duck, beef or pork. There's even a vegetarian option for the vegetarians out there. Would have liked a little more filling but that's just my personal opinion.

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