Thursday, December 31, 2015

Exchange Specialty Coffee, CBD ADL

Ending 2015 with a blog post dedicated to one of my favourite places in Australia, Adelaide. I was fortunate enough to revisit this state and do what I do best aka exploring the food scene.

The last time I have "toured" Adelaide was more than a year ago, more specifically in July. Despite not having a lot of time to indulge myself, I managed to get my hands on a good cup of coffee amidst the shopping chaos happening in Rundle Mall.

Not much space in this little cafe so be prepared to wait if you would like a large table. Alternatively, window sit is not a bad option.

Cappuccino and latte ~ I am beginning to appreciate caffeine after living in Melbourne for more than a year. Not a connoisseur, unfortunately, but am pretty happy with my cuppa that day. Good amount of milk foam and caffeine buzz.

Mexibreakfast ~ avocado, pancetta, poached Kangaroo Island eggs, charred corn, cheese and minted yoghurt on house made cornbread. Not a big fan myself of meals made of corn but found this to be a decent feed. This is a good example of eating the rainbow..and a chance encounter with bacon and eggs. yummm

The wallace sandwich ~ avocado, Barossa pancetta, chitpotle mayo, tomato, roasted peppers, coriander salsa in a ciabatta roll. This is a very filling sandwich that is packed full of flavour using only the freshest ingredients available. Ciabatta roll was fluffy, aromatic and definitely not stale:)

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