Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Darac Grill & Bar, CBD MELB

I have been so occupied with work lately that I hardly utilize my DSLR camera much when I go out to dine. A shame because iphone's camera does not do the food/scenery justice despite it being one of the better camera phones in the market. I must try to bring my old companion out again, just like good times.

Catching up with AY is like meeting a long lost friend and we were not short of topics to ramble upon despite being served food right in the middle of us. Having been here once before on a meh experience (soju shots are not for the faint hearted), I wanted to try this place out again as I knew food here was decent tasting an the environment is rather accommodating.

Lemon lime bitters - for the faint hearted like me.

Seafood army stew - copious amount and variety of ingredients neatly arranged around the pot that slowly bubbled away with the heat from the portable stove. Both of us can handle spicy food and found this to be spicy, more so after the broth thickens into a creamy, red consistency. A fun dish to share with your companions (who are, hopefully, not vegetarians)

Beef japchae - I liked how this came served with plenty of the meaty sauce that oozed out of the cooked beef, a sign that the noodles will soon enough absorb back all the delicious juices and stay plump, for my satisfaction:) Wouldn't mind having this again on my next visit.

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