Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farmer's market, Adelaide Showgrounds

I managed to wake up early on a Sunday morning just to go to the much talk about Farmer's Market at Goodwood. Apparently the products there are fresh from the farms although it is slightly more pricey compared to Central Market items:) Admission is free and I would recommend checking it out for some yummy tidbits.

From scratch patisserie~ Finally!!:D It costs $10 for 6 pieces (cheaper than the standard prices)

I can't remember all the flavours now but I know there's a cappuccino, salted caramel, strawberry and PBJ flavour:p

I was also able to experiment with different exposures as there are indoor and outdoor sites:)

Huge strawberries at $6 per box~

An apple a day keeps the doctor away~ wonder what a bucket can do...

Macaroons again!^^

Aki's Hand sells homemade Japanese bites that are super healthy despite their sinful appearances. I wanted to try these tofu doughnuts but I was too filled up with pastries:( Shall drop by again soon;)

Aki's Hand's green tea cookie bread~ I think the recipe's similar to rotiboy but this is a more cookie version. It's still superb tasting overall:)

The boy went crazy over the vast selection of apples~

Me pot of gold^^

Erm....anybody seen the missing piece?:p

Have a wonderful week ahead, peeps^^

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