Monday, December 5, 2011


Coming from a very Asian background, Greek food is something that we rarely have during gatherings. As much as we Asians love having a splendid array of dishes on our dining table, Greek food is comparable to ours in terms of quality and quantity.

This outlet is located at the residential area of Glenelg and it is usually packed full of customers. Hence, I would recommend booking in advance:)

Pita bread with feta cheese and olives~ appetizers. Pita bread had a fantastic puffiness and aroma to it.

Meatballs with cheese~ this particular dish is rather costly for it's size (think it's around $19?) although it is well-prepared by the chefs:x

Seafood platter~ comes with a bed of chips, Greek salad and some tartar dipping sauce. Very huge portions, definitely worthwhile for sharing:)

Meat platter (lamb, pork, chicken, beef)~ also another worth for sharing dish but rather than tartar sauce, it comes with tzatziki (yoghurt dipping sauce).

Dessert~ I can't recall the name of this dish but I know it starts with a "G" and it's basically custard between filo pastry layers, dusted with cinnamon. Not overly sweet:)

Overall, excellent food served and service was welcoming. Fresh ingredients were sourced for their dishes and they certainly don't hold back in terms of portions. The 5 of us ordered 3 mains and we were super stuffed for the night ^^

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