Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Christmas cheer to end the year!

Have recently attended a few Christmas gatherings with lovely company and I think this has to be one of my longest blog posts in 2011!

Sister's place

Red wine to start the meal!

Cheesy pancetta pasta~

Simple salad with balsamic dressing~

Turkey~ the leftovers were still flavourful even after a few days in the fridge.

Friend's place

Capsicum, cucumber and carrot sticks with crackers and a cheesy dip as appetizers~

Potato and pork dumpling~ Potato dumpling wasn't too bad but it probably would be better with some soy sauce:)

Beef~ I love the marinade! No idea what was in it but I think some oil, herbs and garlic? Really nice :D

Honey soy chicken~ Yummy:D

Truffles and shortbread cookies~ We also had tiramisu, fruitcake and an ice-cream cake, mango pudding and fruit punch for dessert. So much food that we could hardly finish! xD

Ex-collegian's place

The final place to complete my Christmas weekend:)

My homemade chilli paste/ sauce~ didn't make it too spicy :) Better than someone's chilli paste, indeed hahahaha ;D

Beehoon noodles~

Vegetarian dhal~

Stewed pork belly and anchovy fried rice~

Tofu sumbat!! Wasn't really as good as I have liked it to be (had it in primary school, a really really long time ago...could hardly remember how it tasted like:/). Overall, everyone liked it but I'm not sure if the guests are being nice -.-'

Cookies~ not bad :)

Mango pudding~ the finale of almost every party. Have a joyous New Year and best of luck with preparing your new year's resolution list. I know what's mine ;)

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