Friday, February 10, 2012

Duthy Street Deli

Warning! Overly delicious food pictures coming your way. Do consult your dietician should you require assistance with selecting your brunch.

The boy brought my sister and I here for brunch on a cloudy, gloomy Sunday morning and to my surprise, this place was buzzing full of people!

Was hard to get a good seat but we managed to squeeze in :) Would highly recommend making reservations if there's more people coming :S

A spoiler picture! Contemplating if should proceed now? :p

The extensive menu list.

Poached egg with hollandaise sauce and sauteed spinach on bread, served with a piece of smoked salmon. Too good.

Toasted bread served with scrambled eggs, sausages, sauteed mushrooms and rockets.

I could feel my cholesterol levels rising but this was wayyyy too good of a meal to pass up!

Chicken caesar salad~ generous portions of chicken, ham, anchovies, cheese *drools*

I've noticed that there were quite a few discontented comments about this place on urbanspoon. I disagree that the service was crap (I got served by a lovely lady) and although the food is more expensive than the average price for brunch, it was seriously good. I wouldn't mind heading here again for a second visit:)

Duthy Street Deli on Urbanspoon


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