Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The title sums up my entire Sunday afternoon:) And because I'm quite exhausted from work, I shall let the pictures do more babbling than me:p

White House cafe~ Some German fare for brunch rather than the traditional ones in Adelaide:) I like the rustic and vintage-y deco of the place

The bread was sooo freshly baked and it was super soft on the inside. Thumbs up for excellent quality:)

Ham Noeske (if i remembered correctly)~

A little dessert cafe tucked in the midst of the streets! Chocolate-y goodness with heaps of delicious looking pastries and cakes (sadly, I couldn't try any as I was still stuffed from last night's dinner).

Cakes made by an artist!:D

Chocolate dipped strawberries and boxes of chocolate buttons~

The chocolate fountain :D



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