Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camera experiments

So, I was recently upgraded to a real DSLR camera. Camera settings, button locations and focusing abilities were so different from what I was used to. All in, took some time to play around (and still am, actually) but here's some snippets of March:D

Cooking alone at home is also a sad occasion~ I get reruns for most of the week day! -.- Here's a chicken fillet, marinated in dijon mayonnaise with thyme and dusted with breadcrumbs. Fried them and ate them in my sandwich and salad. Gotta be creative with my meals otherwise I might just end up in Subway lolXD

Asparagus~ something different as it was only $1 in the supermarket. Easiest vege to cook :p

Tomato pasta with runny egg and blanched asparagus~ whoever told me that canned spaghetti tasted good must be crazy. Quite difficult to adjust the sweetness level :/

Cooking my chicken pieces with Asian ingredients :p

The steak challenge my friends decided to go for~ massive!!

Coconut banana slice with caramel and citrus sorbet~

Green tea chocolate pudding~ not bad although it could do with more chocolate oozing from the middle :p

Still experimenting on my camera and hopefully, would be able to bake something this weekend. My hands are itching to finger some butter and flour!!

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