Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vietnam restaurant

Having stayed in adelaide for close to 4 years, I have never really developed a craving for Vietnamese food until early last year when I caught the adventurous bug in me. Strangely enough, I was never introduced to this award-winning Vietnam restaurant. Upon listening to so much positive feedbacks from friends, I have decided to finally venture into the Vietnam part of Adelaide to satisfy my craving:p

Coconut juice~

Deepfried softshell crab~ juicy, soft pieces of crabs. A must have:)


Vietnamese cold roll platter~ I'm not too sure what are some of the individual ingredients of the dish are made of (except for the banh, mint and lettuce leaves), but I am quite sure it's made of meat. Uber delicious as well, probably one of the restaurant's best selling dish:)

The platter comes with a few sheets of rice paper which needs to be softened in water prior to folding

Alas, combination fried rice. By the time we got to this dish, we were too filled up to appreciate it:( What I would do just to have this in my tummy again :((

Overall, fast service, large portions although abit more expensive and a great place to bring large groups of people as most of the dishes have fairly generous helpings:)

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