Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ferment Asian

Apologies for disappearing from the blogsphere for some time!! Working life is certainly not a walk in the park although I am enjoying it minus the constant reminders from lecturers!!! After not blogging for some time, I just realized that blogspot had experienced a change in layout and despite my urge for perfection, I am a little tied up to reorganize the picture presentation in this post :( Buuuut, I do promise to work on it on my next post:))

This post is dedicated to a lovely little outlet in Tanunda, about 10 minutes drive from my place. Food inspirations originates from Southeast Asia continents and one can tell this from the unique variety of meal options. The interior exuded a very cozy atmosphere and the serving staff were extremely friendly and attentive. Certainly a different view compared to dining in the city! :)

For desserts, we had Bru Lee Chanh (Lime brulee). A delicious way to end the night. My only complain would be that the servicing size is a tad small for me (being the dessert monster amongst friends).

Com Nep Den Va Soai (black sticky rice pudding with caramelized banana) ~ rice pudding was not gluttonous in texture and bananas were well caramelized without being overly sweet :)

For the mains, we had 3 dishes to share, served with freshly steamed rice from the kitchen.

I can't recall the name of this dish but it was definitely a curry ( a well-seasoned one too!!). Meat fell off the bone without much slicing and gravy wasn't too milky :)

Lon Voi Gung Va Cam (Barossa Berkshire pork belly with ginger and orange sauce) ~ I always find pork to be somewhat of a heavy type of meat but this dish was an exception (please don't ask me why lol). The ginger and orange sauce served with it had a mild taste, which did not mask the pork flavours. I loved the citrus-y rustic taste of this dish very much and would recommend it to anyone:)

Tom Sao Can Tay (stirfried SA squid with celery) ~ not rubbery in texture and its fragrant aroma was certainly refreshing :)

Now on to appetizers, we were spoilt for choices so we stuck with the waitress's recommendations.

Nen Ha Noi (Vegetarian Hanoi Spring Rolls with salad of fresh herbs and soy sauce) ~ I have never had fried spring rolls before and if I do have it again elsewhere, I do hope its as tasty as this one. Fresh herbs and delicious dipping sauce with meat were a match made in heaven!

Thit Lon Cuon La Lot (Fresh betel leaves with sticky caramelised pork and incendiary components) ~ until now, I have yet to figure what were the individual ingredients of this dish. It was so challenging to accurately name the ingredients but I did enjoy it despite having absolutely no idea what was I eating xP A really traditional dish and a must have appetizer!

Until next time, dearest readers. Yours truly needs to hop back onto the work wagon :)

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

This looks amazing, would love to try it next time I'm in the Barossa :)