Monday, April 23, 2012

Devour Dessert Bar

Its been sometime since my last visit to Devour and I have to admit, this place had certainly undergone much improvements and had been receiving numerous positive feedbacks from diners. After having a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant, we had to pop by (mainly because I was too tempted from looking at their dessert pictures on facebook!)and lucky for us, there were still plenty of dessert options for the night and we were seated fairly quickly.

I do like the fact that they don't encourage reservations (due to numerous no-shows) and one doesn't have to worry too much about seating, especially if you have random sugar cravings like yours truly.

Peanut butter and jelly macarons~ gooey macaron with a slight crisp outer layer. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and this one was a clear winner for me:)

Chocolate fondant, peanut butter ice cream and berry foam ~ a heavenly combination indeed! Peanut butter ice cream was perfect. It wasn't overly creamy and was packed full of nutty goodness and crunch. Chocolate fondant was a little small for me and I certainly had wanted more of it :S The berry foam was light, fluffy and definitely not too sweet for my liking:)

Pumpkin bome alaska~ My friends were amazed at the flames when the dish first arrived at our table! We ended up waiting for the flames to extinguish prior to "attacking" the bomb lol. Was a unique way of entertaining diners, in addition to the lovely flavours of the concoction sitting below the meringue.

Here's a peak at their menu during my visit (might have changed but I am not entirely sure). Do give Devour a go if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and in need of some cozy time with family or friends;)

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