Saturday, May 12, 2012

Artisan House

The boy and I were cruising along Melbourne Street on a gloomy-weather day, craving for something warm that we could tuck into and before we knew it, we were already sitting down in this little vintage styled cafe. The breakfast menu isn't overly extensive but yet, we still found it difficult to decide what to feed ourselves with. A few minutes had lapsed and the crowd just kept growing.

 He quickly placed our order whilst I curiously stared at the house's guests sipping coffee/tea amidst their giggly conversations with friends. A few tables away sat a father of three athletic looking children in sports jumpers and messy braids. They appear to be enjoying their pancakes and strawberries soaked in maple syrup. I now crave for sweet pancakes-.-

Freshly squeezed orange juice to quench my morning thirst for liquids.

The traditional breakfast~ toasted bread with a scoop of butter, resting beside fluffy scrambled eggs, warm bacon pieces and oven roasted tomatoes. My tummy felt warm and I instantly wanted to crawl back to bed after this meal.

Omelette filled with pieces of ham, served with a generous spoon of creme fraiche~ Cream isn't on the top of my list of healthy sides but I will make an exception today. Just today, I hoped but I will never know what tomorrow's cravings will be. Addiction might describe this feeling.

We left the place after our meal and spotted diners eating outside, under the cafe's umbrellas. The cold weather showed no mercy to these patriots but their love for this cafe's food must mean something beyond imagination. I look forward to my next visit, knowing that pancakes are on my list *grins*

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