Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish and chips anyone?

Haha, well, not really chips (more like oven-roasted potatoes but after watching Masterchef, I feel like making potato gnocchi someday).Whenever I have frozen fish in the freeze, I tend to fry them as its easiest (just in case it's still frozen on the inside) and not time consuming at all!

Batter~ supermarket breadcrumbs which I had since last year. For better results, best to choose what type of bread you like and pulse it into crumbs. Speaking of bread, focaccio anyone??:) I have added some tarragon into the mixture for that extra touch of flavour.

Not trying to deep fry my fish but still trying to attain a nice golden, crunchy outer layer.

The potatoes and carrots. Maybe I should have cooked my carrots in some butter prior to baking it:S

Potato salad with bacon bits, parsley and some cheese chunks.

Tadaaaa~~~ looks nice ey ;)

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