Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red Door Bakery

I love pastries, bread and just about anything sweet-ish that pops out from an oven. When I first heard of this place, I was quite impressed as it was recommended by a "gourmet" friend of mine. Had a look on urbanspoon and there were some serious fans ranting about this place. A must try immediately.

Pork and sage roll~ A roll? I'm not really a fan of classic pastries like this one (I like abit more extravagant sounding items lol) but this is seriously THE best roll I have had EVER.

Almond croissant~ Dusted with icing sugar! Somehow resembles a white christmas in France, to me, that is. Fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Definitely comforting to have on a cold, winter's day:)

Creme brulee tart~ Oozing all over!

Creamy smooth interior. Yet another Parisian christmas dream of mine. No egg-y taste whatsoever. I want more!

The pork roll~ moist, juicy and succulent on the inside. The pork was marinated really well and the pastry had a good helping of butter-scent to it. Flaky and delicious. A must have. I waved this roll around my brother's nose when he was sleeping and he immediately woke up, took a bite and mumbled "it's good, it's good". What more can you ask for:D

Hazelnut swirl~ many apologies for the poor picture quality. My hands were obviously trembling with excitement from my morning pastry treats. I had the creme brulee before having this one so, sadly, I couldn't taste much of this:(

Croissant~ another classic. Layers after layers of nicely folded, fluffy dough. It was a really big, freshly baked croissant. Worth every penny spent!

Chicken pie~

Juicy filling but I still prefer the pork roll for some strange reason. Pastry and filling were delicious, nonetheless;)

Beef pie in stout~

Why are the savoury pastries here so juicy! Tender beef (not sure if it was slow-cooked or braised beforehand) encrusted in a beautiful pastry.

After visiting this place, I can gladly say that I have a much better appreciation for classical pastries like your humble meat roll or pie and I can't wait to get my hands onto some dough to perfect the classic pie dish! And yes, now I know where to go to satisfy my pastry cravings;)

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