Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chinese New Year in Malaysia

My final iphone uploads from Malaysia! Here's a summary of part 2 of my trip back home. Definitely a whole load of exciting places discovered and even more pictures taken!

A nice picture of your's truly taken at Iggy's Restaurant in Singapore. Bought a nice MNG dress that was on sale. Sequins, velvet and silk. Luxurious much? Hehe

Chinese New Year Eve dinner made by dad. Steamed salted chicken, chinese sausages, prawns, vegetables and steamed fish. Delicious food from home.

Hong bao aka red packets given by married individuals to their single family members (or the younger generation?). Managed to pay half of my retainers with the $$ that I have gathered hehe.

Snacking is a must at every house!

Shaved ice drizzled in syrup and topped with a variety of colourful toppings. A great way to cool off in Malaysia!

Cendol, another favourite to fight off the Malaysian heat.

Fireworks on just about every day in Malaysia.

Roasted duck from my aunty.. something so finger-licking good about authentic Malaysian fare.

Yours truly again. With photoshopped hair colour. Brownie anyone?

My collection of Guang Liang CDs...Malaysian talent ftw.

Found this old watch in a box. Childhood memories.

At Publika, one of the new hang out spots in Kuala Lumpur. Lots of places to sit and chat.

Prawn crackers from Setiawan. Sooo fresh!

Sugar cane and chrystanthemum tea drinks. Only during Chinese New Year.

Publika's toilets are sooo clean!

Malaysian krispy kreme...a tad flatter than the ones I get from Australia:/

Maggi in a cup. Haven't had it for soo long so must have!

I felt so calm when I took this picture. Was taken on the day I'm leaving Malaysia. Yes, twas a good holiday time:)

Back in Australia!

Got some new make up items. Gifted and can't wait to try them on:))

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