Monday, July 1, 2013

Bread Garden

As a child/teen growing up in Malaysia, I can be found at home most of the time, usually because my hectic school/college schedule does not permit much non-curriculum activities to be done throughout the week (with the exception of school holidays, that is). I can still recall coming home and jumping into the living room's couch for a quick snooze before I start completing my tedious homework/ assignments.

One thing that I will always remember would be my parents bringing home buns from the bakery or convenience stores for munching on whilst we strain our brains over how complicated some equations are or how mind-blowing it was to memorize an entire history book. Indirectly, these little snacks gave my brain cells a much needed boost of energy. If you are wondering, yes I did score an A for both history and add maths. On top of that, I had obtained the second highest score for history in my year back then :)

Fast forward, I may not have the luxury of indulging over these goodies as I no longer have assignments or exams to revise for but I do look forward to a trip to any bakery, in an attempt to bag a few buns/ pastries home for nibbling. Old habits do die hard!

I have heard of Bread Garden before but hardly have time to drop by and after much persuasion with my sister, we headed here on a lazy Sunday afternoon for lunch. The interior was very organized and as you can observe from pictures, every opportunity to tempt customers were utilized! It was difficult trying to select just a few for sampling when everything looks so good!

Did I mention that every 15 minutes or so a tray of freshly baked goodies would come waffling out of the oven and strategically placed for customer's viewing? Talk about eating with your eyes!

Brioche with ham ~ I could not resist this pretty yet seductive looking piece. It reminded of a blossoming flower and the slight appearance of cheese oozing was evil indeed. After taking a bite into this "flower" I immediately felt a nice, warm aroma of baked bread in my mouth followed by an equally irrestible sensation of moist ham which added a touch of meat-y flavour to it. So so good.

Lemon macaron ~ I was a little disappointed with their macarons but nevertheless, the shells were nice. The macaron had a whipped cream filling which I didn't really enjoy, in my own personal opinion, that is.

Croissant ~ definied layers of butter-y pastry ready to tantalize you with each bite. Yummy!

Chocolate croissant ~ would have lived the chocolate filling to have an oozing character but overall, still an enjoyable piece.

The sister could not resist a cup of coffee.

Peanut bun ~ The filling was made of whipped cream infused with peanut essence. In this scenario, I did not find the cream overwhelming but rather, quite suitable as the thicker bread layer was able to tank the creaminess of the whipped cream.

Korean meat bun~

The sister and I found ourselves in the nearby supermarket and could not resist purchasing Lindt's new chocolate flavours! Coles had a special introductory price which we could not say no to!

Overall, I would personally recommending a trip to Bread Garden if you love a good piece of bun/ bread to have over coffee or if you just want a nice, quiet little place to relax. I was surprised to find out that this place opens on most days (Sunday included!) so definitely worth a trip if you are nearby!

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