Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cam Wah Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant

Asking a true blue Vietnamese about their food and culture always intrigues me. Having never been to Vietnam before, I can only wonder what the local scene must be like, noting that there are a few heritage sites worth visiting such as the Ha Long Bay river. Despite the availability of affordable flight prices, the real issue is really time and overall expenses.

One of my favourite questions to strike a conversation with any Vietnamese I am not close friends with would be about their favourite restaurant. Quite often one would get a completely different response but one day, I was directed to Cam Wah and having never been here before, I decided to give it a quick visit. The real Vietnam will have to wait, unfortunately.

Bo kho ~ portion wise, it is leaning towards a smaller portion ala true Vietnamese style and so, if you have been starving for days, I would caution you. Flip side, it's the right size for me. The soup was a lighter in comparison to other places but then again, depending on where the chef originated from, it may possibly be the speciality of their region. Northern and southern cuisines vary significantly.

Banh tieu ~ this came out piping hot from the kitchen and reminded me of something similar from back home in Malaysia. It was really fragrant and probably one of the main reasons I swing by. Fluffy soft and extremely yummy. P.s, I noticed a lot of other customers ordering this so it must have been good enough for round 2!

Combination broken rice ~ this tasted as good as the other versions that I have tried at various places. Meat was on the drier side but nevertheless, I had no problems finishing off everything on my plate:)

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