Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kotajaya, Bayswater MELB

Whilst at work, I barely have time to scavenge out for food due to time constraints and for a fact that lunch expenses can be quite costly depending on what I plan on having. Hence the lack of exploring nearby establishments despite being conveniently located.

As strange as it sounds, I must have drove to my workplace on a daily basis and the seventh time, well..you guessed it. My curiousity could no longer be contained.

Having read good online reviews on this place, we figured we could give it a shot. Mental note to self, make sure to book in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting. Second mental note: arrive early or be disappointed. Third note? Well...service can be a little "harsh" but don't take it too personally as staff are probably under intense stress.

Hainanese chicken rice ~ yes, this was the much anticipated dish and it lived up to expectations. Moist chicken pieces drenched in sauce and served with fragrant rice. A must have in my books.

Roast duck with noodles ~ succulent meat with a crispy skin layer. Another good one in my books.

Wat dan hor ~ this is a pretty standard dish and on a cold day, it would keep your tummy warmed and happy.

Mee siam ~ not too bad although would have liked a bit more seasoning.

Nasi lemak with curry chicken ~ was a little disappointed with this one as the rice was a bit bland and the sambal was lacking. Every other condiment was fine.

Char kuey teow ~ having tried this dish from various places, this would be something I would order if I am craving for it and I am nearby.

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