Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bath hotel

I like discovering new restaurants in Adelaide and this time round, I found a fancy place that serves a nice variety of pub food as well as nicely prepared gourmet-ish dishes. Not only does the menu have an interesting range of dishes, but the interior design is just stunning; perfect for a date or for a fancy celebratory occasion.

I love the "twinkling" star decor that gives diners the impression that they are dining beneath a sky of stars. Did I mention that they do have an outdoor area where diners can watch football/ footy from a giant TV screen.

Garlic bread~ toasted ciabatta with garlic and fresh herbs. Big, chunky slices of ciabatta that is crisp on the outside and has a soft, porous center. Went down extremely well from memory:)

Lobster topped with cheese, served with a bed of vegetables and rice.

Duo of duck~ Duck breast and confit duck leg served on potato fondant, puy lentils and dark cherry kirsch glaze.

Bath fish and chips~ probably one of the cheaper options on the menu but don't be fooled by it's price. The portion size is more than sufficient for myself and it was delicious. Fresh salad and crunchy deep-fried fish fillets. The fries were also well- fried and were not soggy at all. Thoroughly enjoyed this platter!

I was here on another night with my sister and although we didn't order any bread for the table, we were served with house bread, which is always a welcoming note according to my books:)

Potato and proscuitto croquettes served with napoli sauce and aioli. The aioli nicely complimented the fried croquettes and somehow added a tangy taste to it. Yummy indeed!

Hervey bay 1/2 shell scallops with leek, pancetta, spinach and garlic butter. Scallops were fresh and not overcooked and were nicely seasoned with adequate amounts of butter. Overall, a nice appetiser to have if you love seafood.

MSA beef schnitzel with mushroom gravy~ Since I landed in Aussie grounds, I constantly find myself being mesmerized by this deep-fried piece of beef. A good schnitzel should ideally have a crunchy coating of breadcrumbs (or whatever they use to coat it with) but still retains a moist, succulent meat texture enclosed. This particular schnitzel ticked all the right boxes for me and so far, I have yet to find a complete failed schnitzel in South Australia. Well done!!

Duck al'orange~ Duck breast served atop a bed of mashed potatoes, warm vegetables and drizzled with orange jus. I wouldn't say that it is a Michelin star dish but for the price that it was, it was a pretty good job. It is difficult to obtain a nicely cooked duck breast that's not overcooked. The mashed potatoes and generous amounts of jus added more moisture and flavour to the sliced duck pieces. A nice dish to have if you are craving for some iron.

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