Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Citizen chinese restaurant

I have a certain attraction towards Citizen Chinese Restaurant. I have been here a few times and each visit was a pleasant one: good, authentic Cantonese food with friendly service. Not too long ago, the restaurant had shifted locations and is now located directly opposite of its old site. The interior is definitely more extensive and can easily accommodate dinner parties.

I was here a couple of weeks ago for lunch and was able to reserve a table for my companions and I. We arrived slightly after the lunch rush aka 1pm but we were assured that the kitchen is still open for service. As soon as we were seated, we were immediately offered a few types of dim sum plates. What appeared to be a rocketing start did not take long to disappear.

We had to constantly request the waitresses to serve us the dishes that we wanted to have and at one point, the waitress rolled her eyes at me! I am not one of those impatient customers who would harass the waiting staff every minute. I did wait for a good 15 minutes before I ask the waitresses, just in case they have forgotten what we had ordered. We left feeling very disappointed at the lack of customer attentiveness at Citizen. Nevertheless, I would like to revisit this place in the future, just for old time's sake.

Chicken feet~

Siew mai~

BBQ pork buns~

Char Siew Sow~ BBQ pork pastry.

Fried squid~

Random pork dumplings~

Seafood dumplings~

Rice pastry stuffed with prawns~ took forever to get this on our table

Prawn dumpling~ another dish that took forever to arrive. Mind you, the plates arrived at our table at different intervals..probably every 20 minutes? Thankfully we weren't in a rush to go anywhere that day.

Fried radish cake~

Mango pudding

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bonny b said...

They should convert the eatery into a cheap self-service joint instead of masquerading as a full service restaurant. That way, the waitresses will be happy cos they don't have to work, and the customers are happy cos they pay less for the same food.