Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Madame Wu's Noodle Bar Restaurant

I am currently on a diet. No binge behaviour allowed and the same can be said about my wallet too! As excited as I am to be going back to Malaysia for a holiday (stay tuned for some travel posts!!), I think I should be saving up my tummy space for Malaysian food. Also...most Malaysian girls have slim, petite body frames so I MUST not appear like a giant amongst them!

And so...I do apologize for not elaborating much for each restaurant review but I will compensate after I get back in March!:)

The sister and I were not too hungry last weekend and decided to scout the Parade for some decent food. We stumbled upon Madame Wu's restaurant which offers an interesting menu filled with Asian dishes.

Service is fast. It must have took at most 10 minutes before our food arrived at our table. Ample of spacious, seating area.

Madame Wu's Special Coconut and Lime Chicken~ the menu stated that this dish has a moderate to hot spicy level. And it is true. I have not been indulging in chilli hot food for sometime and found this above average in terms of the chilli content. Having said that, it was a spiced kind of chilli burn and not merely hot chilli burn (the kind you sometimes get from chinese restaurants). Overall, it was a pleasant dish which I enjoyed having.

Kway Teow~ I should patiently wait till I get back to Malaysia for this but heck, I'm happy to try and kway teows in Adelaide. There's Chinese sausage aka "lap cheong" in it and the noodles were well-seasoned in the wok.

I would have liked to sample out more dishes but I guess that will have to wait. The price of each dish ranges from $10 to $18, from memory, which is pretty standard for meals in the Parade.

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