Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year, new resolutions

The long awaited NYE blogpost is finally here!! Basically, was at work the whole day and went straight home after work, showered and waited for my sister to drive up from Adelaide. Not much cooking involved as both of us were already exhausted from work and just wanted to have some peace and quiet. Maybe we will do something more exciting end of this year? House party?? I have always wanted to sport some bling-ish outfits at the right time hehe

Cheese, cherries, apricots, strawberries, fried slices of meat, crackers and spinach leaves. Yup, quick and simple enough to keep us satisfied as we chatted the night away.

We also bought a leg of honey ham which we warmed up in the oven abit..didn't intend on doing anything fancy to it hehe

A glass or two of moscato won't hurt.

As usual, we had leftovers on the following day which we were able to conjure up a fancy lunch menu.

I've made some kaya a few days before NYE and decided on kaya toast, a Malaysian favourite.

Toast bread with roasted leg of honey ham, topped with a chorizo, raisins, pine nuts, spinach leaves, egg and mushroom salad. Wanted to have soft boiled eggs but our timing was a little off rewritten!!

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