Saturday, January 5, 2013

East Terrace Continental

When Adelaide weather gets too unbearably hot for me, I like to head out to the malls for a bit of cooling off (no need to spend more on electricity bills!). A few of my favourite hangout spots would be Myers, David Jones and Harris Scarfe. I can wander in those places for hours, especially with a cool drink at hand.

When I am on food mode, I prefer to browse around Rundle Street, where you can be assured that there is something to satisfy you there, be it savoury or sweet cravings you are having. My savoury hunting sister was in the mood for breakfast before we head to Rundle Mall for some window browsing and so, we decided to head to East Terrace Continental, one of the first few breakfast places I came across in Adelaide.

Mochacino~ I am not a big fan of coffee on most days but I have to admit, the barista did serve up a good cuppa!!

We arrived slightly after 1pm and although we could have opted for their lunch menu, we still insisted on having a yummy breakfast platter to fuel ourselves. Personally, I have not tried their lunch dishes but I have seen the dishes that were zooming out of the kitchen and it looked good! Perhaps next visit?:)

ETC works~ poached eggs, bacon, chorizo sausage, mushrooms, hash brown and tomatoes on toast. My sister and I are both small eaters and hence, this was sufficient to keep us stuffed until dinner time. I did find the bacon a tad greasy but then again, at least it's not overcooked! Eggs had a runny yoke, mushrooms were still juicy and hash brown is nicely crisp up.

So...the sister and I managed to grab a couple of items that we wanted to bring home and after wandering around in the heat, we wanted to have a cup of tea at T2 tea bar at David Jones. Boy, were there a lot of different types of tea flavours to choose from! I couldn't decide and after hogging the front counter for what felt like hours, I finally went for something a little more familiar, green tea. But infused with cherry blossom and a touch of T2 in it.

Overall, I liked their teas. It is a nice change to my usual cuppa and I would definitely consider trying out the other flavours and maybe keep a few varieties at home:)

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