Monday, December 31, 2012

Cafe Brunelli

The sister and I were out shopping on Boxing Day in Rundle Mall and after an entire morning rubbing shoulders with just about everyone in Adelaide, we decided to settle for something quick and easy. Was difficult to find a cafe that isn't filled with diners but thankfully, Brunelli has ample of seating area to accommodate mobs of visitors.

At Brunelli, it is free seating which can also mean first-come-first-served. Unless if reservations are made in advance, of course. Nevertheless, food does pop out from the kitchen fairly quick (about 10 minutes wait or slightly more) and the waitress whom served us were most attentive to our needs. Not too bad for a place which is about 80% filled with diners.

Con pollo pasta~ cubes of chicken breast, bacon and parsley in a cream based sauce. A little heavy but was sufficient to satisfy our hunger.

Brunelli chicken burger~ grilled chicken thigh fillets served with an avocado sauce, spinach leaves, tomatoes and a bed of chips. Portion sizes here are slightly bigger so if you are a small eater, it would be advisable to share your plate!:)

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