Tuesday, December 11, 2012

8 things

When I am blog- browsing, I often see bloggers post on things that make them happy and I thought, why not? It is a great way to show some appreciation for the little things in life that we often overlook. So here's my compilation of 8 moments which would made my days worth smiling for!

Pasta made from scratch by the boy. Pasta was had a rough-er texture to it but I didn't have any problems gobbling everything down. Parmesan cheese is yummehhh:)

Ombre nail design~ not the best that I have came up with but it will have to do. Colour gradient was not too obvious but heck, I did give it a try!!

Fruit cheeses are my new favourite addiction!! I am going to serve this up as entree for Christmas. Fuss free, affordable ($1.50 each) and tastes soooo good. Now I just need to remember to get crackers otherwise we might just be eating them with cereal hahaha.

Tim tam heaven. I realized that most people get obsessed with these little devils once they step into Australia. So many variations to choose from and it's not too expensive too. I am going to bring some back to Malaysia and get a few close relatives hooked to them hehe.

Mango fest! Who doesn't love a big, plump and sweet mango to cool those burning hot summer days? Got to thank the sister for her offerings although she did butcher one of them with a butter knife quite terribly.

Reorganized my coat rack so that it's now arranged according to the rainbow colour spectrum. Happy days!! Looks like I have most of the basic colours ticked but maybe I should invest in a few more spunky colours?:)

Got some aromatherapy equipment to achieve my inner zen. The eucalyptus cream is a free sample from my pharmacy whilst the candle was a belated birthday gift (which I don't really have the heart to light!).

Loreal makeup removal~ got this freebie after completing some online training and voila, I have saved $15. Also got a $28 mascara and $27 concealer for free. Gonna get more freebies soon hehe

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