Thursday, December 20, 2012

December favourites

I haven't been going out much these days (trying to save up a bit for my trip back to Malaysia) so I entertained myself in the kitchen, experimenting with different types of foods and of course, photography.

Had leftover bulgogi marinade and didn't want to waste it so I used some gravy steak. Not too bad although I think the marinade was on the verge of going bad:S As for photography, managed to slice out a decent heart shaped cucumber hehe. I probably need more kitchen props to produce better surrounding settings.

Went to a friend's house last sunday and was fortunate enough to gain baking knowledge from a different perspective. I have never made mince fruit tarts before and have only recently tasted them this year!! Wad joy is it to sample traditional food:)

I don't drink much but I do enjoy a nice glass on special occassions hehe

Tis the season to be giving~ got cherries and nectarines. Makes me happy to see so much food in my kitchen. Rarely do I overstock my pantry as I find it hard to finish off everything by myself:S

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