Monday, December 3, 2012

Hong Kee again

I'm back at Hong Kee once again for more chopstick licking good food at affordable prices. Little did I know that they actually do have a mini aquarium with live fish in their kitchen and diners could opt for freshly steamed fish for dinner:)

When I first visited Hong Kee in October last year, I rarely see the restaurant crowded with diners but last week's visit told me a different story. Just about all the tables in the first half of the shop were packed with hungry customers and the other half of the restaurant was approximately 50% filled with customers. I was there at 8pm but I would have imagined that there were more customers at around 7pm. Nevertheless, we managed to get a table and quickly picked out our favourites.

Steamed barramundi in ginger and shallot oil, topped with coriander, spring onion and ginger. I like how the chef added generous amounts of garnish on the fish as I think the fish does taste quite nice when consumed with a mixture of ginger, spring onion and coriander. Not that the fish needed extra garnishes but that's how I like to have my fish;)

Roast duck~ from memory, this dish only costs us about $15 and it was one of the best roast ducks I have had in Adelaide thus far. Crisp skin protecting a juicy layer of fat underneath and tucked underneath everything, a tender slice of protein. I can tell that the chef actually took the time to remove excess oil from the plate as there was hardly any large blobs of oil swimming in the sauce. On the following day, I have reheated the leftover duck pieces and there was no white patches of fat floating around. Always a good thing to know that you are well taken care of at a restaurant:)

Eggplant with minced chicken and salted fish~ a light dish that is not heavily drenched in marinate and the eggplant pieces still retained their physique.

Overall, we spent $63 for our entire meal, inclusive of tea and steaming jasmine rice for the 3 of us. Money well-spent indeed!

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