Friday, December 14, 2012


I have very bad luck with baking bread. Period. For some reason, my bread doesn't seem to proof as much and it feels denser than normal. Nevertheless, if you never try, you wouldn't know if the recipe is any good, right?

Having come across a few blehh recipes, I think I am one or two steps closer to unraveling the secrets of baking a good loaf and by then, I would be able to go about creating different yeast-risen products. Here is my attempt at baking pannetone for Christmas (a tester because I figured it might not turn out right). Looks like I am going to have tropical fruit pudding for Christmas!

When using dry raisins, it is important to soak them in fluids overnight so that they would "fatten" up and have more flavour, especially if you use brandy or rum or any other type of flavoured fluid.

See how much they have fattened up? Literally soaked up all the liquid.

Me trying to be artsy with my pictures but still not quite right yet. Hopefully would improve once I get more utensils from home. At the moment, my "props" can barely depict anything.

I realized that icing sugar makes food have this somewhat magical feel to it? Or is it just me? Hehe

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