Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Golden Crown Chinese Restaurant

I have blogged a lot about the traditional English breakfast that most of us like to indulge in and for a change, I was craving for something closer to home. I can't recall when was the last time I have been here but it must have been a couple of months since then.

Yum cha can be loosely translated to "drinking tea" in Cantonese and some may refer to this type of brunch as dim sum which can be labelled as "touching one's heart". In my dictionary, both of these terms means that I am going to be surrounded by good company and spoilt rotten for choices.

At just about every Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum, you will be given a piece of paper which indicates what's the size of the dish you picked, for pricing references of course. Tea is a must have especially when at a yum cha session.

Seafood siew mai~ minced prawns wrapped in seaweek and toppe with a fragile piece of scallop. I can get adventurous with what I choose to munch, especially when there are so many trolleys moving around with surprise goodies in them. This particular siew mai was steaming hot upon arrival at our table and still retained some of the prawn's juices enclosed in the seaweed wrapping.

Custard bun~ I seldom have this because not many restaurants serve them but I think they are an absolute pleasure to have. Oozing with a sweet, creamy egg filling that never fails to make me grin, it is a must try:)

Har gou / prawn dumplings~ minced prawns wrapped in pastry. It is difficult to find a well made prawn dumpling that has a paper thin pastry layer but yet, does not easily tear. The ones at Golden Crown were a bit thicker, in my opinion, but nevertheless, still a treat to have.

Scallop dumpling~

Char siew pau / barbequed pork buns~ I cannot get enough of this particular pork bun and blogging about it this very moment is not doing me any justice at all. I can vaguely remember nibbling on this as a young child (or toddler hahaha) and it was almost a ritual to have it every week!

Deep-fried squid~ I am not sure if this had originated from Hong Kong or China (because I rarely see this served at any Malaysian yum cha outlet) but no complains there. A nice dish to have if you have a lot of people dining with you because it's share-able. Or you can just order this and have it all for yourself. Sharing? Meh...

Pork siew mai~ Golden Crown's siew mai is probably one of the few restaurants in Adelaide that doesn't have an overly powering pork smell. Not that I think it's revolting, just that it would be a turn off point for some.

Egg tart~ and now, we shall indulge in desserts because all good dim sum experiences must have a sweet happy ending, right? Flaky pastry and slightly runny egg custard that isn't too sweet. Just the way I like it.

Mango pudding~ At Golden Crown, a mango pudding is made out of mango flesh and not just flavouring. There are little cubes of mango flesh in it and overall, wasn't too sweet. Delicious!

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