Thursday, August 29, 2013

Adriano Zumbo Patissier

On day 2 of my Sydney trip, the sister and I managed to drag ourselves to the much-anticipated and raved about dessert cafe..ZUMBO!! I have been meaning to have a taste of Zumbo since his first appearance in Masterchef a few years ago. I literally googled up the cafe a few times to make sure I got the correct opening hours for the dessert train.

Unfortunately.... we arrived on thursday evening and no dessert train as the hours have changed. Boo.... was disappointed and most of the baked items were gone:( There were still quite a few macarons available but I was sulking as I could not sample his cakes. Ah wells...

On a positive note, I still managed to get a glimpse of my potential sweet victims via the displays.

I wonder what would Zumbo say if I had actually broke the glass?

Managed to get my hands on a few different types of macaron flavours. They were beautifully crafted and well-flavoured. Would love to participate in his annual Macaron Day event if I lived in Sydney:)

A piece of baked item from Zumbo. I cannot remember what was it but I was a happy foodie:) the Star casino for a few games or for good bites? You might be able to guess what my choice is!

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