Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Black Star Pastry

Initially, I was not too keen on venturing out to Newtown, one of Sydney's suburbs located not too far away from the city. The sister convinced me that it would be a worthwhile trip as we will be stopping by a cafe that is highly recommended by her friends. With a map on hand, we went out early on Day 2 and being grumpy that I have to scramble around like a headless chicken at the train station, I was still not entirely convinced about the expedition.

The train ride was not too long and I was able to click away at scenes that interests me. We walked around Newtown upon arrival and before leaving, we stopped by to suss out the cake! Unfortunately, I did not manage to snap a picture of the cafe, mainly because quite a few locals were staring at me (uncomfortable moment!) and it kinda worried me that they might throw a fit if I took a picture and had them unintentionally in it!

Ah wells, the problems of being a photographer...

We tried one of their beef pies and it was divine. I love the puff pastry exterior which had soaked up some of the beef meat sauce in it. The pie was warm, comforting and I could easily have ordered another one!

So here's proof of my findings. Strawberry, watermelon and rosewater cake and an orange cake. The orange cake was moist, slightly dense but was a little too small of a portion for me to appreciate it's beauty. Would have liked a bigger piece of it for evaluation purposes!:)

So anyway, back to the main agenda of this trip: the watermelon cake. It was heavenly. Yes, I am not exaggerating or trying to pull a masterchef judge speech here. The rosewater cream was not too heavy and it mellows well with the almond crust. I have never imagined placing a slice of watermelon in a cake before and was equally impressed with how the pastry chef was able to carry this off without creating a wet cake (moisture from the watermelon).

Review? I liked this little cafe and would certainly pop by here often if I am staying in the surrounding area. There is not much sitting area available so do be mindful that you may have to sit outside (enjoy the breeze whilst you are at it!).

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