Saturday, August 17, 2013

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier again

I have probably been here less than 8 times throughout my stay in Adelaide (blogged about a couple of these trips here and here) and gotta admit that my sweet-binge experience just keeps getting better each time! Each piece of cake or tart has evolved aesthetically, which obviously, makes it harder for me to select just one piece.

I have not personally tried many types of chocolates here (I want cake!) but I am keen to find out what is your favourite piece!:)

Chocolate truffle tart ~ rich, dense and moist piece with a good serving of dark chocolate incorporated into it. Was a crowd winner from the first time we had it and it still is:)

Iced chocolate ~ this drink just keeps wow-ing us each time. It's chocolate-y flavours has certainly evolved since our last trip and unlike the other types of iced chocolate drinks we had, this one was creamy but not overpoweringly excessive.

Mascarpone dream ~ we opted for this little gem for a nice contrast from all the rich, petite delicacies that we ordered. Light as a feather filling and still well-crafted. Delicious.

Chocolate tart ~ this version does look a lot more classier than the previous ones we had. However, it still tasted the same (big thumbs up for consistency) and is still a must have at Steven Ter Horst!:)

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