Saturday, August 31, 2013

Azuma Patisserie

Day 2 did not end with Zumbo but rather, in a small Japanese dessert cafe near our accommodation. I was not expecting this place to open past 6pm and am not complaining at all. Only problem I had was that the cafe's not able to seat many patrons so doing takeaways may be an option for some.

Most of the baked items were sold out by the end of the day, leaving us with not much to choose from although that doesn't bother me too much as I just needed to nibble a little at this established Japanese cafe.

Chiffon cake ~ light and airy as it should be. Not too sweet for my liking:)

Macaron ~ I have made it a point to sample macarons from various parts of Sydney (just like what I did in Melbourne!).

Green tea tart ~ The tart filling was slightly hard for my liking (found it difficult to slice into it) but it oozes a strong green tea flavour and that made me happy. Tart case was crumble and goes well with the green tea filling. Yummy!

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