Friday, August 23, 2013

Danny Thai

Yet another movie day and once again, headed to Danny Thai's for a quick bite. This time round ,we decided to sample a couple of different options rather than stick to our usual favourites.

Oysters ~ an interesting twist with the usage of Asian sauces and fried shallots as the drizzling component for the dish. Not sure if it's my cup of tea but do give it a try if you are bored of the ordinary lemon and tobasco or kilpatrick variations.

Green curry chicken ~ an easy to eat dish with no chicken bones attached for minimal fuss. Goes wonderfully well with rice!

Seafood and vegetables in peanut sauce ~ not too bad and I like how the vegetables were not soggy at all.

Fried rice ~ probably one of the must haves here as the rice is so fragrant and infused with basil leaves. The portion size is sufficient to feed a male adult and hence, I think this would be ideal of you are looking for a worthwhile dish to have for tea. Try this out the next time you are here!

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