Monday, February 3, 2014

Andersen's of Denmark Ice cream

To end a pleasant trip to Glenelg, we decided to cap everything off with some ice cream. After all, no visit to the beach is ever complete without ice cream, be it in summer and winter, right?:)

Andersen's is reputed to have some of the yummiest waffles cones around and so, it was no surprise that we decided to give it a go. The ice cream selection is decently sized, with a few of the usual flavours and a few less common variations. The sister opted for a boysenberry flavoured one whilst I craved for my all time favourite cookies and cream.

I love how my scoop of ice cream had quite a generous porion of cookie chunks in it as it added a lot of texture contrast to the ice cream. Service was fast and efficient. We were pretty happy tourists that day:)

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