Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

I am usually pretty good with visiting newly opened dessert cafes but this one must have been one of the most delayed visits in my books be it because of the wrong time and mood. After months of procrastination, I am here, ready to order a waffle to end the night on a high note.

The interior decor feels very posh and for a moment, I felt under dressed. That feeling did not last long as I was more keen on quickly scanning the menu!

So....we ordered a cup of ice cream at the counter and placed an order for a plate of waffles and iced chocolate. We got the ice cream instantly which we happily ate at our table...waited for what felt like 15 minutes for our waffle to arrive at our table and wondered if it was missing. Had to ask the staff about it and they brought it out to us..

Blue cheese and pear ice cream ~ St. Louis does stand out from the crowd with their unique ice cream flavours which are made pretty darn well. We loved this one, not overly pungent from the blue cheese and packed a good mouthful of sweetness from the pear. Job well done, guys!

Iced chocolate~ arrived a bit late at our table and sadly, I did not get to taste it because somebody drank all of it:(

Waffle with chocolate chunks and St. Louis chocolate ice cream ~ I felt that it may have been left in the waffle machine for a bit too long that it had dried out a bit. Was not exactly cheap and I was disappointed. Nevertheless, I am willing to give it another go next time I am nearby. On the flipside, ice cream was yumz!

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