Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hahndorf Inn Hotel

A few weeks ago, the siblings and I decided to swing by Hahndorf after not visiting for some time. Despite it being a public holiday, I was surprised that most of the shops are still operating and the number of people strolling around were just extraordinary.

We were extremely lucky to be quickly seated in this busy place. The menu had not changed at all which makes it all the more easier to choose a platter for sharing. A big platter may seem pretty expensive but it's not really if you are happy to share with your fellow companions (unless if you are game for tackling that serving size!).

I do not usually order a jug of beer when I am out but how could I resist when it's with some authentic German fare? Just does not seem right!:)

So we had one of their big platters which has a pork hock, pork meat, a few different types of German sausages, saurkraust, potatoes and pretzels. The siblings and I just barely finished it, but do note that my brother can eat 2 servings himself!

Do not forget to help yourself to their bowls of mustards in the corner of the pub. Couldn't really decide a favourite and all goes well with the selection of meat that we had. Day well spent!

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