Friday, February 7, 2014

Chocolate bean

I must have been on a chocolate run lately as I have been revisiting a few chocolate cafes everytime I pop by in Adelaide. Not that it is a crime unless if I overbinged on them! Was in Rundle Street  for dinner and figured that I should reward myself with more chocolate but this time at Chocolate Bean as it is always so difficult to find time to drop by:)

They have a huge range of treats to choose from, be it a cake, muffin, tart or slice. It was a very challenging task to do.

Iced chocolate ~ something chocolate to quench our already chocolate-y filled tummies hehe

Death by chocolate cake ~ by far, my favourite chocolate cake thus far. Rich, decadent, moist and not overly sweet or excessively sickening. It is made of dark chocolate and hence, it would be not as sweet compared to a white chocolate version. This cake pierces so easily with the fork while still retaining it's integrity. I surprised myself by finishing off about 80% of it with no difficulty. Having said that, a slice is more than enough to keep me satisfied for a week (think of it as exceeding my chocolate intake quota!). So so good and worth a try if you love chocolate!

Chocolate croissant ~ not too bad although at 10pm, it was a bit late for freshly baked oven croissants. Nevertheless, it still had its buttery layers intact. Everything works well with chocolate!:)

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