Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jenny's Gourmet Bakery

Alas, this hungry sweet-tooth blogger made a trip to Jenny's for the notoriously sinful cronuts. Unfortunately though, we arrived a bit later in the morning (close to lunch time) and there were just 3 cronuts sitting behind the display window. How on earth did they disappear was beyond my comprehension but I was super grateful that at least there was some left!

We quickly placed our order for their chocolate brownie cronut and I could not resist adding on a peach frangipani tart to our order.The weather was a tad too warm for my liking but that did not dampen my mood for sinking my teeth into the cronut!

We poked at it, stared at it and even gave it a few turns before slicing into it. The outer layer was very crisp which probably indicates that it was made in the morning before the hungry diners arrived. A light sprinkle of icing sugar and a generous swirl of chocolate with a few chopped up brownie for decoration.

The verdict? It was indeed a cross between a croissant and a donut. It had those buttery flaky croissant layers but still had the richness and fun flavours/ colours of a donut. The chocolate was simply oozing from within, making it such a sinful sight! We shared the cronut between the both of us and trust me, one is definitely more than enough for a person. It was dense and so chocolate-y rich. Unbelievable pastry invention.

Onto the flip side, the frangipani tart was a nice contrast to the rich cronut as this was certainly much lighter in comparison. Tart shell was buttery and filling was still moist. Not overly sweet at all:)

Here are the layers of the tart. I can only wonder how much effort goes into preparing such a small, dainty little piece that too often, gets consumed within minutes whilst the preparation stages may take up to an hour.

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