Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Europe - Churros in Spain

Traditionally consumed as a breakfast, snack or dessert staple in Spain, this freshly fried, elongated piece of dough happens to be a very popular dessert option in both Adelaide and Melbourne. My trip to Spain would not be complete without clarifying the finer details on churros; from how it should be consumed to the texture and quality.

Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid

Tucked away in one of the little streets near Mercado San Miguel, this place was still packed full of both locals and tourists at 2pm. Service is very fast and simple: place and pay for your order at the cashier, show one of the waiters your docket and he will get you seated. Within a few minutes, your order will sail onto your table.

Unlike in Australia where we tend to jazz up our desserts with additional condiments, that is not an option here. You will get straight up churros - no filling/coating whatsoever. Feel free to sprinkle it with some sugar and be sure to order a side of melted, warm chocolate to go with it. Hot chocolate is not wasted here and we have observed the locals ordering a horchata (a drink made of ground almonds or rice) and pouring some chocolate into it.

Churros was definitely freshly prepared and not overly chunky in terms of measurements. Best enjoyed immediately!

Horchateria Santa Catalina, Valencia

Yet another famous horchateria but this time, located in Valencia. Famed for it's horchata, fartons and churros, be sure to not miss this place. If you are really into the churros hunt, Horchateria El Sigho is located across Santa Catalina so you could easily have a churros ball there:)

Food in Valencia costs less than in metropolitan Madrid (a note for the budget travellers out there). Unlike the baton sized churros in Madrid, the ones here have their ends touching, forming an "O" shape. Equally as good as the one in Madrid but probably a lot more space to breathe here. Fartons are a must have in Valencia. This thin and light buns can be dunked into the horchata or consumed just by itself.

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