Sunday, August 30, 2015

Laksa King, Flemington MELB

Winter is reaching its final phases in Melbourne and it's giving us a last taste of it via frequent downpour-ing throughout the week. Doubt I will miss getting rained on so often but I may miss the feeling of tucking into a warm bowl of soup to curb this chilly cold weather. I mention may purely because I know I may succumb to temptations and end up with it anyways irrespective of the scorching hot temperatures.

Laksa King has been around for some time and you can tell - that's when most of your Malaysian friends chirp it's name at the mention of laksa. The restaurant is usually busy so do book in advance if you are planning to rock up with a big group of people.

Service is fast - place your order and in about 6 minutes or so, voila, lunch/dinner is served. I would caution that the ambiance here is a far cry from peaceful so if you are trying to impress at a first date, be prepared vocally.

Combination curry laksa ~ the broth was rich and oozes a good punch of spices. Feel free to request for some belacan that you can mix in to increase the level of spiciness. Ticks all the right boxes for a good laksa and at about $10.8, it is a value for money deal.

Belacan kangkong ~ slightly (probably 1/10) spicy and garlicky, this is a typical vegetarian dish in Malaysia that's best enjoyed with a bowl of steamed rice.

Roti canai with curry chicken ~ despite Laksa King specializing in all variations of laksa dishes, they do serve non-laksa inspired dishes. As curry laksa may be heavy for some, this is a lighter option that will still give you an equally satisfying experience. The curry chicken's sauce was thick, smooth and extremely indulgent. I was expecting a measly portion of it but they proved me wrong by feeding me with 3 medium sized (delicious) pieces of chicken fillet.

Verdict? Worth the hype for sure;)

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