Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Love Pho 264, Richmond MELB

This is probably the third time this month that I find myself searching for a tummy warming bowl of beef broth. Can you blame me though? Winter in Melbourne is just unbelievably chilly over the past few weeks brrr!

Having little to nil dining experience in Richmond, I was surprised at the number of Vietnamese restaurants and grocery shops along Victoria St. So..is Springvale the real Vietnam town in Melbourne?;)

Enter the front door and behold, the place is packed full of hungry diners. Hence, one needs to have a little patience and you will be rewarded with a seat. Service is fast and friendly but be mindful of how close you are seated next to your neighbour!

Chicken and beef pho ~ subtle broth flavours and decent portions of meat included. Not too bad for $10.

Sugarcane juice ~ freshly squeezed that day.

Three colour bean drink ~ My Asian heritage taught me to appreciate beans in every meals and so, here's one for the records. Not overly sweet but would have liked a little more balance in terms of the ice, coconut and bean mixture ratio.

Pork and prawn cold rolls ~ My recent go to meal when I am not feeling peckish or if I need a vege pick me up. The pork pieces were thickly sliced and perfectly wrapped with the cabbage, mint and rice noodles.Dipping sauce wonderfully balanced aka not too acidic, sweet or bland.

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