Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant, CBD MELB

Whenever I am in the city, I tend to nibble on junk food on the go. Technically speaking, this is clearly not the best option in my books but junk food always seems much more convenient for a fraction of a price.

I have stumbled upon this place numerous times before and finally decided to walk in after a friend suggested to her partner that she wanted to have lunch here. Dear friend is a fellow Melbournian all her life and I have faith in her taste.

The restaurant is not massive but can comfortably seat around 30 people. There is a section at the front of the shop dedicated to take-away spring rolls, something ideal for customers on the go like yours truly.

Seating near the kitchen gave me an insight of how organized these fellas are. Materials for takeaway meals are neatly set aside and staff in the kitchen are not screaming at each other ala "Kitchen Nightmares" style.

Free flow of tea and it is good (not too diluted as can be found at other establishments).

Avocado smoothie and four colour bean smoothie ~ I could choose a three colour bean smoothie but decided to test the four coloured version (both costs the same). Not the best smoothie I have tried although it does fix up any cravings.

Sugarcane prawns, $8 ~ $4 for a stick is steep and so, every single bite needs to be savoured properly. The addition of crunchy nuts and pickled carrot slices was a refreshing addition to the sugarcane prawns.  The prawns were fresh and nicely caramelized all round, taking note that the prawn filling was not overcooked to the point of a desert at all.

Soft shell crab rolls ~ I love soft shell crabs and this is no exception. Would have liked the pieces of fried crab to be a bit more bigger but that's my only negative on it. Not excessively oily and certainly a healthier option than those junk food meals that I cyclically binge on.

Special broken rice with pork chop, egg, shredded pork skin and meat loaf ~ This is not a bad dish although it is not the best one that I have tasted. The shredded pork skin and meat loaf ticked the right boxes but we found the pork chop lacking. However, I would still be happy if presented this on a day where I need my comfort food-hommies haha.

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