Saturday, November 5, 2016

Europe: Hilton Hotel, Vienna AUSTRIA

On our last night in Vienna, we were fortunate enough to be staying in Hilton Hotel, all thanks to travel arrangements made by Trafalgar. The sister and I did spend a little more on our eastern Europe tour as compared to our France or Spain tour but trust me, its well worth the extra investment.

Fluffy beds and pillows were wonderfully soft and silky to touch, a must have for any weary traveller wanting to have a good night rest. Some may think of these "branded" hotels as luxurious overnight stays but really, it's not as high ended and flashy like the executive suites. In other words, I would not have known that I stayed in Hilton.

A must have for me would be gym facilities - yes, I do a lot of walking whilst travelling but walking seems like the norm for my body and I am constantly in search for activities that can make my heart race. Ok, let's not think of overexertion activities but you do know what I mean eh?

The sister and I loved the buffet breakfast spread from Hilton - there's so much to choose from for the vegetarians or carnivores out there. We had a couple of rounds and enjoyed  every bite whilst overlooking the serene Danube river.

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