Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three One 2 One, Richmond MELB

Just like any other "normal" foodie, I tend to scroll through a restaurant/ cafe's instagram feed in an attempt to find an item that I want to order when I get there - time is money after all! The latest trend in the food scene would be those insanely sinful milkshakes that started in Canberra and slowly made its way onto Melbourne grounds.

Little did I know that one day, I would encounter this beast after restaurant owner, Krishna, invited me to try out the restaurant's newly launched menu. Companion and I shared a table with another fellow food blogger and her other half, of which, meant we managed to sneak pictures of each other's meals!

Wake me up thick shake - roundd one of this crazy journey started with a strong hint of caffeine paired with hazelnut syrup and generously laced with fairy floss, ferrero rocher and a large piece of roasted marshmallow. This, my friend, is not for the faint hearted.

Neverland - cookies and cream met tim tam, maltesers, gummy bears, fairy floss and snickers. This is a dream come true for the 10 year old in me and truthfully, all the individual sweets somehow complimented each other pretty well. Verging on the sweeter side of the scale and has made all those strenuous hours in the gym worthwhile.

Kick Ass Mac and Cheese - this was two meals bundled into one burger. Fellow blogger Ming enjoyed this thoroughly although she did struggle with the remaining few bites;)

The Ghetto 2.0 - fellow companion is a fan of cheeseburgers and this would be something I can see him indulge in whenever he's having a miserable day. Burger patty was flavourful and secret sauce gave it a little spicy kick. Were we glad the chef exercised restraint with the cheese because it allowed for the other ingredients to shine through.

The Italian - Ming's partner enjoyed his burger although it got a little messy when the bolognese started to ooze out of the burger. Pretty interesting burger and probably something I would happily dig into with a spoon;)

Soft shell crab burger - I love soft shell crabs and this gets the thumbs up from me. Was a little smaller compared to the other burgers but it fits into my hands and mouth perfectly so no qualms at all.
Krishna recommended us to try his favourite which is this waffle meets mac and cheese meets fried chicken combo. I love how well prepared the chicken pieces were and when drenched in the mac and cheese's sauce, it was like a match made in heaven. Kinda overtakes my obsession with soft shell crabs.

This blog post is made possible thanks to owner Krishna's hospitality. Delicious burgers and shakes and remember to come here hungry!;)

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ming said...

Great stuff Michelle, love the photos :)

PS: you are super quick with your blog turnaround!