Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shyun ramen bar, Carnegie MELB

As an Asian, I am often associated with rice for every meal which is ironic because I am more of a noodle person. Sure, I will crave for rice for variety although not to the same degree as what most people would think.

The sister suggested for the bunch of us to have Japanese on a Friday night and being on a conservative budget, I searched the web for a decent place that wouldn't be too exorbitantly priced to back good quality food. So much one can learn from the web.

Carnegie was the destination and yes, there were so many people flocking the suburb's dining precinct that night. Boasting a vast variety of cuisines, I couldn't disagree with these hungry diners.  As Shyun ramen bar could only accommodate a small crowd, the bunch of us patiently waited for our turn whilst deciding on what to stuff ourselves silly with.

Matcha with soft serve - Good hint of matcha in the drink and not overly sweet to my liking. Definitely something to have :)

Pork signature ramen with miso soup - diners can opt for miso or shoyu for this dish although I would vouch for the creamier miso version. Not a lot of pork meat in the bowl and so, doubt this would be your go to if you're hungry.

Tokyo ramen - I wanted a lighter broth based and this answered my prayers. Whilst there were copious amounts of corn and bean sprouts in it, it was again lacking protein. Ramen noodles had a good bite to them and were perfectly cooked.

Cold ramen - one of the weekly specials listed on the menu and probably one that I wouldn't mind having on a hot summer day. The ramen's dressing had a reasonable amount of sweetness that pairs well with the salty soy sauce.

Overall, I would definitely revisit this restaurant again as it does serve good quality food at reasonable prices. Will be on the lookout for rice dishes next time too!:)

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