Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Japan: Shi Ten Noh, Osaka

Walking along Dotonburi at night was an interesting event on its own as we did pass by a few seedy shops located along the smaller alleys in search for inner peace aka avoiding crowded groups of tourists which was almost impossible.

There were plenty of food options to choose from and one cannot go wrong by judging a restaurant by the length of its queues. After transitioning to Osaka from Kyoto, the sister and I were both exhausted and were in search of a light meal to fill our tummies before we headed back to our hotel.

Knowing that ramen shops usually have quicker turnovers, we stopped by Shi Ten Noh for a quick bite - by quick I meant having to wait for at most 10 minutes for a table which was not too bad in comparison to other places. Ordering is done at the vending machine before being seated.

Soy sauce noodles with egg and chashu - broth was thick, creamy and flavourful. I like how the noodles were prepared al dente which enabled us to slowly tuck in without having to worry that it will turn soggy soon.

Miso noodle with egg topping - getting sick of ramen? Neverrrr.. the Japanese have about 3 different stock bases to keep your palate entertained so how could you? Also, how can onsen eggs (boiled eggs with slightly runny yolks) turn you off? Ah the simple things in life.

Meals here can range from 700-920 yen depending on what toppings you opt for. Both of our ramen bowls costs around 800 yen each which was more than enough to feed us (and trust me, we can be hungry monsters at times).

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